Live at Birthdays, London

The development and evolution of any language has always stemmed from the imagination and innovativeness of the young. The vernacular and rhetoric of music, likewise, has always relied on those taking up the baton to be more than aware of what has come before – from that knowledge in itself, comes revolution.

Live at The Social, London

If you thought you knew Sonic Cathedral, knew where you were with them and knew what they were all about, then tonight's show might well have been designed to shatter such notions - tonight they treat us to an evening of the inspiringly and endearingly off-kilter and to some new lessons in making music.

Live at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, London

The most noticeable trait of Younghusband’s recorded output to this point has been a capacity to explore that area of sound enjoyed by the hazier flirtations of those psych-tinged shoegaze bands we know and love. Playing first tonight, they make a superb noise – if this is the consequence of more time together as a band, it is hopefully foretelling of good things to come on future releases.

Live at Cargo, London

The Twilight Sad’s latest album No One Can Ever Know marked a significant sonic departure for the band - gone was the noise and in came a more desolate feel with more open spaces. It left you to wonder how it would impact on their attempts to put this new thinking across live, without detracting from what to this point has made them such a visceral and shockingly exciting live proposition. It’s clear that in making the new album, Andy MacFarlane had for the most part left his guitar at home, it’s presence here being far more subtle than on previous releases.