Best Tracks of 2012

For better or for worse, the "track" has arguably never been so important, what with downloads, soundcloud, youtube and the like. Here's the individual h'orderves that our writers loved. Some of them just happened to appear on ace albums too.

The Wave Pictures – Spaghetti

Crackle said: "humble, wry, witty and whimsical... nothing gets passed by, and even the most humdrum can feel safe for inclusion in some well woven metaphor of sorts"

PAWS - Jellyfish

Crackle said: "could quite easily be the best song you’ve yet to has that 3-chord simplicity and 3-minute perfect-pop-song running time that’ll defy you to take your finger off repeat"

Dead Mellotron – OohAhh

Crackle said: "the epic Oohahh does exactly as it claims to... Its the kind of song you wish would go on and on"
Oohahh by dead mellotron

Ty Segall Band – Oh Mary

"breathtaking, brilliant... nigh-on perfect"

Antlered Man – Schizo Tennis

Crackle said: (on the album Giftes 1&2) "...thoroughly entertaining, which seems like an odd thing to say when the album’s standout moment is a song about molestation and revenge with a claw hammer"
Schizo Tennis by Antlered Man

Cate Le Bon - What Is Worse

Crackle said: "as good an opener as you’re likely to hear on any album this year, it’s ultra simple guitar riff and typical sparse production are a perfect match"

Suuns – Edie’s Dream

Crackle said: "Floaty and effortlessly cool, the only drawback is that this jazz tinged beauty is over all too quickly"

Razmataz Lorry Excitement - China Town

Crackle said: "Fans of Four Tet, Optimo and non-embarrassing sax solos (this one courtesy of The Lake Poets' Martin Longstaff) should be well pleased by this"

Twilight Sad – Nil (Liars Remix)

Crackle says: "Liar’s contribution to the No One Can Ever Know remix album looked intriguing on paper. Fortunately they followed through on the initial promise, producing a monster reworking which eclipses the original hands down"

Cat Power- Nothin But Time

Crackle said: "Chan and Iggy duet. It shoudn't work, but by-heck it does"