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The Gist Follow up to much heralded debut Isle of Dogs. Comes close to being just as good The Music It’s Indie-pop of the highest order, though eschewing any of the lo-fi associations with that genre, and instead having a clear interest in high production values – it’s lovingly polished and fairly so, you’d take great pride if this was the calibre of output you were capable of. Plenty of studio time has been taken, allied with bassist Giles Barrett’s day job at London’s Soup Studios, allowing them to delve deep into the recording process – and the results are clear to see, bordering on obsessional perhaps, but it certainly feels like everything is very deliberate, considered and crafted, and makes for great listening. Songs referencing chess champions, a driving-song written by a perennial passenger, and a fair smattering of loved-up love songs about literary characters and imagined scenarios amongst other things, whilst not necessarily expected, tick the sort of boxes you’d understand from those stalking the twee-r end of pop’s wide spectrum. Keyboard player Laura Kovic taking over the vocals for two numbers “Laura & Cesar” and “Sleeping in The Back Seat” offers a woozy and wonderful touch of variety to what is already a thoroughly likeable collection - pleasingly triumphant and unabashedly sweet natured it is, with enough similarities to Isle of Dogs to keep you happy, and enough difference to keep you keen. Listen to "Junior Champion" – tastefully minimal album opener with all-over gorgeous tones, simple lines, and embellished with flute and saxophone into the bargain Laura & Cesar – Dreamy, dreamy dream-pop sung by Kovic, simple, beautiful, short and sweet "Wheezer" – a little backwards-leaning 80’s sophisti-pop creeps in to what is maybe the standout track of the album, ends in a triumphal march of horns, synth and guitar, one of the albums best cutting-loose moments "Sleeping in The Back Seat" – Singer and guitarist Duncan Barrett says, “I’ve always wanted to write a good driving song, but I don’t have a license so this is probably the closest I’ll get.” – on this forthcoming Kovic-led single he definitely nails that intention - dynamic with a hint of yearning and more than a little gorgeous, seriously worth seeking out

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