King of Cowards

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I'll cut to the chase. This album hits you like an instant classic. Right from the off, even with some unassuming light feedback and what by all accounts should be a bog-standard bluesy bassline, there's the sense that there's something creeping round the corner. A bit like that sense of unease/dread you get watching a Michael Haneke film (or maybe watching Brexit unfold). But here, there are no unanswered questions (and very little subtlety), what we get is a full on bombardment of doom drenched rock n roll. And that doom is an absolute joy to behold. Opener "GNT" is just a perfectly proportioned dose of blues-rock and top drawer shouting. Sucking you in with its catchy riffs and simultaneously shutting you out with its brutal vocal performance (wonderful stuff from Matt Baty). In the tradition of bands naming songs after local roads Pigsx7 have created their own with fittingly motorik "A66". Maybe you could make an indie map and connect it to Maximo Park's "A19", however, you will notice that both the songs and the routes are perpendicular. This is more like early Qotsa but without the nobhead singer. There are also occasional glimpses of Oh Sees (I think this is the correct name for the band at the time of going to press) and on the brilliant "Cake of Light" they channel the much missed Motorhead (it even features a spine tingling cry of "No Remorse" to cement that association). Pigsx7 have had a reputation as Newcastle's rock royalty for some time, but with King of Cowards I feel like they've cemented themselves as the UK's great rock hope. Next stop: The World!

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