Trash Hit

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Mr Dream are a Brooklyn band, two thirds of which have been prominent writers for the trend setting behemoth that is Pitchfork. It must be quite daunting for a critic to be critiqued but with Trash Hit the trio might have dodged the bullet. This no-nonsense rock n roll is very much in the mould of 90s US acts like Pixies but is also quite a refreshing racket. The opening track has a particularly Kim Deal-esque bass line which is complimented by some off kilter guitar noise to establish a contemporary take on the genre.   In fact, it's the tracks where the bass guitar comes to center stage that really stand out on this record, "Scarred For Life" and "Unfinished Business” all rely on a harsh bass line allowing Adam Moerder’s erratic guitar to fill in the gaps in a distinctively slapdash kind of way.   This is not to say that the guitar-led tracks are forgotten, "Crime" and "Knick Knack" don't really offer anything that we haven't heard many times before but "Holy Name" & “Walter” are perfectly fine examples of compact indie-punk. "Cool Down Apollo" starts off as a high octane punk number which doesn't quite go the way you'd expect it to, a prevalent theme on Trash Hit which all adds to the interestingly dilapidated nature of the record.   With "Learn The Language" Mr Dream sign off on a pulsating high note and if you like your music shouty, raw and ever so slightly schizzo this band may be one to watch.