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I Like Trains' last album The Shallows was bookended with two excellent synth heavy tracks (“Beacons” and “In Tongues”) which were something of a departure from the majority of their previous work, and indeed the rest of the album that they featured on. The Beacons EP then, could be seen as an excuse to embrace this new direction in full, easing listeners in without gambling everything on a full length release. All five tracks on the EP feature an abundance of synthesizers and drum machines, usually backed by some Curesque picked guitar and David Martin’s trademark baritone vocals. After an edited version of “Beacons”, which many will already be familiar with, the first new track offered up is “Rome” which bears a striking resemblance to The xx with its chilled out and downbeat melodics. The last three tracks are where the band really find their own voice and push themselves into much more interesting territory. Each song bleeds seamlessly into the next, starting off with a mere Hors d'oeuvre (the instrumental “Easter Island”), and the minimal digi-doom of “Jericho”. The EP is rounded off with “The Setting Sun” which sees them moving back towards their traditional post-rock roots whilst still harnessing some of the electro glitches that they picked up along the way. A somewhat successful experiment which should keep fans on their toes, wondering what the band’s next move will be. Beacons is released October 15th on ILR

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