Je Suis Une île

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You may already know multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Halo Maud (or Maud Nadal) from her work with Melody’s Echo Chamber, but this is her debut album as a solo artist. The songs are sung beautifully in both French and English and the music is ambitious and sprawling, perhaps unsurprisingly for someone who's so well connected with the French psychedelic/prog scene. Highlights include the brilliant "Proche Proche Proche" with its part ridiculous, part genius vocal solo, it's this sort of eccentricity that gives the album its edge. The songs in general though feature heavy synth flourishes but are all grounded by a rough and organic rhythm section. Fans of Air's Virgin Suicides soundtrack, Radiohead, Gwenno, Charlotte (and even Serge) Gainsbourg (some of the bass parts in "Tu Sais Comme Je Suis" sound like direct descendants of Serge's Histoire de Melody Nelson") would be well advised to pick this record up immediately.