Broken Record #34

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Frog are a duo from Queens, New York and their second album Kind of Blah is coming out next month on London's Audio Antihero label. The record was recorded in an abandoned bowling alley in Astoria, NY and was (as Guitarist/Voclist Dan Bateman puts it) "an attempt to engage modern musical ideas from a 1950s style of arrangement, and was a complete failure in that respect but a success in most others". Anyone who's heard even the tiniest excerpt from Kind of Blah will attest that, however they came to it, they've found a spark of magic from somewhere. The band (Bateman and drummer Thomas White) shed some light on where their mixed-up, country-infused sound comes from by talking us through their record collection in the latest in our Broken Record series. Jazz fans may notice some correlation between Frog's over-rated choice and the title of their latest LP.

Record of Sadness (Dan)

Frank Sinatra - In the Wee Small Hours

My record of sadness is In the Wee Small Hours by Frank Sinatra. The orchestration is unbelievable. Frank is drinking, and he's sad. He's feeling sorry for himself. You are, too; why else would you be listening to this. I think I read somewhere that this was the first concept LP, and before this albums were just all the latest singles bundled together. If you see Pink floyd tell them they owe it all to this guy
Record From My Youth / Record of Sin (Tom)

Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet

This is a classic, I'm positive that a lot of people like this record but will never admit it. Super clean, arguably great story telling, what is this genre called? I feel like I could escape some nasty circumstances by humming a few lines from any track and immediately forging a deep bond with my captors. Definitely "Mmm mmm mmm mmm" Right? Everybody knows that song. Honestly, I think this record is my pick for all these.
Driving Record (Tom)

Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow

When Danny asked me to play drums in Frog I though about Lightning Bolt and said yes. I had never played then, and I still can't really play now, but in my head everything sounds like Dracula Mountain. I have barely driven since I left Maine, but if I ever do drive again I am going to listen to Lightning Bolt and disappear forever.
Under-rated Record (Tom)

Clannad - Anam

Amazing band. Haven’t met many other fans outside of my mother’s side of my family. If I ever do I imagine they will hate me after five minutes of listening to me gush about the Clannad catalogue. I took two semesters of Irish in college just to sing along.
Over-rated Record (Tom)

Miles Davis - Birth of the Cool

It’s ok.

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