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The gist Flamingods' debut album Sun gets a belated remix treatment The music Cards on the table, I'm relatively new to Sun, the 2012 album that provides the source material for this remix album, and for that reason I've decided not to make too many off the cuff comparisons to specific songs and just review it as a record in its own right. My first experience of Flamingods was their last album proper Hyperborea, which confused me and blew me away in equal measure when I heard it. It's an album that's grown on me in the year or so since its release and for that reason, the announcement of Moon caused a great degree of excitement in the Millard home. Partly envisaged as a record that would reflect more of the Flamingods live experience, where it's essentially compulsory to dance, Moon sees the band working with a number remixers who beef up the already hefty rhythm sections to create something more straight forward and, crucially, the sound remains equally thrilling. It's a transformation not too dissimilar to that which Vessels accomplished on their last album Dilate, moving seamlessly from a more traditional band sound to something more "electronic", without losing any of the organic analogue elements that made them likeable in the first place. Yes, there are a few more blips, glitches and electronic drum patterns than you'd expect to hear on a regular Flamingods release, but these are generally used sparingly, with most remixers wisely choosing to respect the sound and ethos of the band, albeit with a definite Balearic/Dub twist. Surprisingly though, many of these songs actually sound more commercial than what we'd expect from a band who generally push their musical and geographical boundaries with such ease. This is possibly due to the more regimented pacing or the more recognisable hooks involved, but whatever the reason, it's probably going to be more enticing for first-time Flamingods listeners. After all is said and done though, this is the most straight-forward, the most euphoric and, oddly, the most accessible Flamingods are ever likely to be. Now I'll go and listen to Sun some more. Listen to "Quesso (eSmink Remix)" - Flamingods go full-on joyful dub on this invigorating summer anthem.

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