27_05_17 - 21_01_18

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break_fold (aka  Tim Hann, a North East musician who now lives in Yorkshire) returns with his new album 27_05_17 – 21_01_18, the follow up to last year's 07_07_15 - 13_04_16, itself a gem of a debut and a low key release which probably didn't reach as many people as it should have done.  It's immediately apparent that Hann is following the same pattern for this record (a pattern which he teases he may or may not continue with on future releases) of naming the song titles after the date that work on them commenced. It's a logical, unromantic approach to songwriting and the music he makes, for the most part, matches that clinical process. This unassuming electro and cool ambience split up into snappy five minute packages. There's certainly a mechanical feel and a slight distance to this music but (very) occasionally Hann breaks with that model and gifts us a little ray of light out of the bleak fog of electronic textures. The euphoric and almost-joyful melody on "19_11_17" is one example of this, but generally speaking, the music here is on a much grander scale than on break_fold's previous release. "15_10_17" is probably the best example of this, it finds Hann gradually adding in soaring guitars over glistening synths and percussion to create one of the album's high points. Whether Hann sticks with this theme for his next album or moves towards something more flowing and organic will be interesting to see. For now though this is another excellent entry into break_fold's fine sonic experiment.

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