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The gist WWPJ recruit a new member, write some catchy tunes. The music This is the third album from We Were Promised Jetpacks, a band formed in Glasgow and subsequently signed to FatCat Records. It's a similar story to their peers The Twilight Sad, and to some extend it's a similar sound (both dabble in anthemic song progressions), but where The Twilight Sad use layered brute force to get their point across, WWPJ go for a more melodic approach. Helped by new recruit multi-instrumentalist Stuart McGachan, who adds depth and an electro ambience to tracks like "Night Terror", Unravelling sees the band branching into some new areas without ever really shaking off that cavernous sound of theirs. Vocalist Adam Thompson is sounding particularly adept, especially when he gets chance to show his range (see "A Part of It") and guitarist Michael Palmer flits seamlessly between clean intricacies and scuzzy, muddy overdrive. The album was recorded in Glasgow by Paul Savage (Teenage Fanclub, King Creosote, The Twilight Sad, Mogwai), and there's a definite Glasgow sound to it, at its poppiest moments you can almost hear an Orange Juice element creeping in (you have to listen VERY carefully), but essentially it's the sound of a band content with their lot, knowing that there's still a healthy flow of ideas to be mined from the patch that they've successfully established. A consistent set, all wrapped up in a unnerving record sleeve. Listen to "Peaks & Troughs" - precise and poppy, certainly not WWPJ-by-numbers, probably the band's best bet at playlist glory (despite not having any discernible chorus) "Peace Sign" - the band get topical with another borderline-pop slice, albeit a pop slice which has an outro that sounds like machine-gun thrash metal.

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We Were Promised Jetpacks
We Were Promised Jetpacks