Nikki Nack

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The gist Woman-machine Meryll Garbus' knocks out some more DIY treats The music It seems like ages since the wonderful Whokill came out (it was in fact 3 years ago) so what's changed in the crazy world of Tune-yards? Well, all of their trademark positivity and playfulness is here in droves - Nikki Nack opens with a jingle that sounds like the start of a NES adventure - but it takes Garbus' DIY ethic to new, more accomplished heights. The keyboards and beats are cleaner and more precise making for a more danceable record, and one which distances itself from what came before. Its different enough to keep the project interesting, but sensibly, not too distant to alienate the growing fanbase that Garbus (and faithful funky bassist Nate Brenner) has amassed. Listen to "Water Fountain" - starts with all the staples of vintage Tune-yards and ends in an all out aural-electro assault "Left Behind" - this bass heavy would-be title track is a mash up of everything that's good about Tune-yards. Listen if... you like school-ground chants, dancing, or just working out "how will they recreate this at gigs?" Don't listen if... a spoken word piece about "dining on tots" is not your bag

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