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The gist Nine years on since his wonderful debut, Tom Vek returns with his third record, a distinctly English blend of electronica and post punk. The music With a sound that would be equally at home in a club as it would be at a festival, Tom Vek is essentially Britain's answer to James Murphy, and he seems to be happily capitalising on the unfortunate absence of LCD Soundsystem (see also The Rapture) in our current musical landscape. The tracks on Luck are as immediate and attention grabbing as they come in 2014, mixing eighties synths with a post punk vocal. It's nothing new but it's done with a certain alluring verve and swagger which is hard to dislike. And whilst the song-writing doesn't hit the euphoric highs of his American counterparts, its a refreshing bundle of tunes, at odds with much that's going on in 2014, and all the more welcome for it. Listen to "How Am I Meant To Know" - a slow burning re-introduction to the world that Vek inhabits. Topped off with some New Wave Of British Heavy Metal dual guitars. Tom Vek is a strange fruit. "Trying To Do Better" - a downbeat tale of woe eventually segues into a sparkling riff-laden finale, buzzing with positivity. Listen like punky vocals, twinkly synths and DFA