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The gist Some of Pete & The Pirates regroup, go electro The music Pete and the Pirates seemed to disappear as soon as they were taking off, certainly they were gone just as soon as they appeared on my particular radar. Luckily for those of us that care, Teleman are pretty much the same thing, albeit shrink-wrapped in electonica. Breakfast is an album that, at its best (the singles, and should-be singles) is a behemoth of people-friendly pop music, and at its worst (some of the slightly grey numbers towards the end) is still alright. This may be a calculated rebranding for the band, but as long as they keep writing swathes of pristine pop songs none of that really matters. Listen to "23 Floors Up" - the album's epic, a sprawling four minutes of almost prog rock pomposity. "Steam Train Girl" - A very British take on Krautrock. Simple guitar riffs and minimal synth builds into a brilliant swirling/robotic chorus. Listen liked Pete & The Pirates Don't Listen didn't like Pete & The Pirates (and no amount of tinkering could convice you otherwise)

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