In The Pink Of Condition

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The gist H. Hawkline steps out from the shadows with his third album The music The most surprising thing about H. Hawkline's latest album is that it took so long to materialise, but at last he's been snapped up by Heavenly Recordings and In The Pink Of Condition has been unleashed. Hawkline (or Huw Gwynfryn Evans) is a longtime Cate Le Bon collaborator, often supporting her on tour (both using the same band - nice and efficient), but he's also been gradually releasing his own output via various albums, downloads, EPs and compilations. This first proper album for Heavenly was actually produced in LA by Cate Le Bon and is exactly what you'd expect if you're familiar with either of their work. Sparsely arranged eccentric pop music and choppy guitar all pepped up by a layer of ice cold New York garage. The lyrics are often fanciful and, combined with the cool accent, you can't help but think of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, although musically, they are much further apart. Lines like "bedridden backstroke, bygone egos at the door" have such a dreamy, rhythmic feel you could almost imagine them standing up without any music at all. A fun lovin' cosmic trip of a record. Listen to "Everybody's On The Line" - twinkly keys are to the fore on this laid back number which sees Hawkline drift off into lyrical flights of fancy about a swimming body bag. "Ringfinger" - the typical H Hawkline restraint (which dominates 90% of this record) is thrown out of the window for a speedy tale of commitment all done with a nod to post-punk. "In Love V2" - a galloping bassline is slowed down to a trot and a honkytonk piano makes a superb cameo on this short and weird album highlight.

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