Have Some Faith In Magic

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Formed in 2004 and signed to Mogwai’s Rock Action Records, Glasgow’s Errors third album sees their so-called "post-electro" sound reach its natural apotheosis. Pushing on from the critical success of 2010’s Come Down With Me their third effort concentrates on a sound, which in parts, is reminiscent of the synth slingers of the early-1980s. Opener "Tusk" kicks off the album in great style, a song of swirling intensity that channels the spirit of Gentlemen Take Polaroids era Japan to irresistible effect, creating a progressive statement of synth intent. Indeed, the album continues in a similar vein with the throbbing "Magna Encarta" which in turn adds an almost skewered pop sensibility to the band’s palate. The eerily sparse “Blank Media” leads to perhaps the album’s centerpiece in "Pleasure Palaces".  A hypnotic bass propels Violator-era Depeche Mode alike chord progressions which, coupled with half-heard vocals, takes the listener into a state of almost-trance like bliss. Despite the reliance on synth and nods to both the early-80s and like minded spirits such as Justice, this is a warmly human record and something that shows a band slowly hitting the peak of their powers. The Mogwai comparisons and post-rock tags will always follow but with this album Errors have clearly drawn a line in the sand thus making past apparently accepted comparisons redundant.

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