Happy For A While

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The Wave Pictures have worked hard over that last 12 years to build a small but loyal following and a list of indie peers queuing up to sing their praises. Two official albums and countless CD-Rs later their singer, David Tattersall, has decided to release a full length album under his own name. Recorded in Berlin in 2009, the album ditches Wave Pictures cohorts Franic Rozyckiand and Jonny "Huddersfield" Helm in favour of Stanley Brinks on bass (AKA regular collaborator Andre Herman Dune) and producer / Berliner Clemence Freschard on Drums. The change may seem unnecessary to some, but here Tattersall has recorded an album of lo-fi ballads, which somehow sound subtly different from the The Wave Pictures usual fare. At first the album seems dark (see the slow-burning and gloriously monotonous "Typewriter Ribbon" or the eerie vocal on "I Hear You") but through the darkness comes a glimmer of sunlight (on the final track Tattersall is able to turn the story of a girl who seemingly looks like a giraffe into a bizarre romantic comedy). Perhaps the most amazing part of this venture though is that the prolific songwriter lets Clemence Freschard sing on what is possibly the most captivatingly gorgeous song he has ever put to record "I saw your hair between the trees". Who knows whether the rest of the tracks on the album were picked up from the Wave Pictures cutting room floor? The fact is that there isn't bad track on a record which goes from strength to strength. Making music like this seems to come easy to Tattersall, and long may it continue.

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