Release Date
19 Nov 12
The first of the SSTUDIOS series in which the Software label will be bringing electronic artists together to collaborate, Instrumental Tourist sees the meeting of two of the biggest names in experimental electronica in Canadian Tim Hecker and Brooklyn based Daniel Lopatin. Taking a set of digitally sourced “instruments of the world” as their starting point before twisting and distorting them beyond recognition, Hecker and Lopatin take the listener on a strange, detached and frequently beautiful journey across the globe.
Release Date
01 Oct 12
Strapped is the 2nd album by San Diego, CA’s The Soft Pack, 2 years on from the band’s eponymous debut. Whereas their well regarded first could be fairly described as a straightforward guitar-band album – no criticism in that and it’s certainly a good album – there’s a little more going on under the bonnet this time around.