Dirty disco sounds from Moscow, Гласность (or Glasnost) use analogue synths to create a raw pulsing sound not too dissimilar to Ladytron or XTRMNTR era Primal Scream. This is the first track from their excellent LP Пиета (Pieta), out now on Cruel Nature Records.

You can order the full album on limited edition tape (or download) from here.

Release Date
11 Dec 17
Morning Tea Migraine is the latest in a long line of releases from Teesside musician Oli Heffernan. This one could be seen as a lo-fi companion to White Death To Power Alan, which was released earlier in the year with his band Year Of Birds. Heffernan has spent years producing quick-fire DIY recordings, but more recently he's been involved in a few more polished (relatively speaking) records, such as the aforementioned Year of Birds release and last year's King Champion Sounds album To Awake in That Heaven of Freedom.