Release Date
30 Oct 15
The gist Euan Hinshelwood and cohorts take another change of course on their second LP The music Younghusband are back with their second album, and it comes with a change in label and direction. Dissolver, which is being released by ATP Recordings, is certainly more immediate than the band's debut Dromes (which was put out by that great breeding ground Sonic Cathedral). It's also a much cleaner, crisper sound, helped along by Robert Hampson from LOOP who has been drafted in on production duties.
Release Date
09 Feb 15
The gist Newly singed to ATP Recordings, Vision Fortune are back with their second album. Unrecognisable from the first. The music Opening with an eerie faux-drum beat that sounds like machine gun fire, you could argue that the whole ethos of Country Music (the album, not the genre) is laid bare. This is an LP that sometimes verges on Tim Hecker levels of ambiguity, a far cry from those guitar driven early releases, and a sure sign that Vision Fortune aren't ones for sitting still.