Release Date
28 May 12
Listening to the new Kathryn Williams album is akin to one night meeting up with a pal you’ve known for donkeys years, who’s been a solid member of your group, always dependable and completely loved but is the quiet one; unassuming and never bringing trouble to the table but always there to help you through mess and strife because they are kind, earnest, and actually quite wise – and you know it.
Release Date
30 Jan 12
“Brevity is the soul of wit” wrote Shakespeare. Dan Sartain clearly believes this too. The reason I used this particular quote from Hamlet is that this album is short, very short. Granted it doesn’t venture into Napalm Death territory in terms of song lengths but barely a song clocks in over the 2 minute mark. Kicking off with the Buzzcocks influenced “Nam Vet” the album continues in a similar vein throughout, mostly taking the Ramones sound of the late 70s as its start and end point.