Release Date
12 Jul 19

Another album to file under "Anthologies of bands that may have slipped through the cracks", Audio Antihero seem to be making a habit of releasing albums in this niche genre after putting out a similar collection by Tempertwig just a few months ago. Here they've teamed up with Old Money Records to release a 22 track anthology of Fighting Kites' material.

Release Date
09 Sep 16
The gist CHUCK's recordings neatly compiled by the Audio Antihero / Old Money labels The music I'd already listened to My Band is a Computer a couple of times before I read the press release, so it came as something of a surprise that this is not in fact a "proper" album, but a compilation of the various recordings that CHUCK (Charles Griffin Gibson) has put out over the past few years. Intended as both a retrospective and an introduction to a wider audience, this collection has been put together in such a way that it plays like a regular album to the uninitiated/uneducated.