Live at The 100 Club, London

Delightfully, and assuredly, Camberwell’s Virginia Wing use all that at their disposal to ensure their opening slot tonight is anything but – much less a sense of supporting act nerves or trepidation and more a belief of equal billing, and rightly so.

Live at The Shacklewell Arms, London

If Gulp have passed you by up until now, then perhaps the most significant thing of note in their back story is that Guto Pryce, the Super Furry Animals bassist is a main member and heavy contributor to their output. Tonight is the London launch party for debut album Season Sun due for release on 14th July on Sonic Cathedral – and as teasers go, it’s pretty promising stuff.

Live at The Dalston Victoria, London

Here’s some very good news – there are people out there who really care about your difficult to satiate musical tastes, people so looking-out-for-your-back that they’re willing to scour the planet for something sufficiently new and a bit different, to re-arouse your jaded esotericism. There are people who will spin a globe until it rests on a country or countries whose alternative musical landscape many of us will be no doubt be oblivious to, a place like Mexico?

Live at Hoxton Square Bar & Grill, London

As sadly seems so often then case, loss is so repeatedly the inspiration for great art. Carrier, the latest album by The Dodos is such a creative work, influenced and inspired by the loss of friend, collaborator, and the bands’ on tour second guitarist, Christopher Reimer. The album is both littered with references to their late friend and, with singer/guitarist Meric Long insisting that Reimer had such a profound effect on his approach to song-writing, then perhaps it is impossible to escape the added poignancy that playing these songs in his absence brings.

Live at Shepherds Bush Empire, London

Seeing Neil Halstead and his bands play live is a wonderful thing. His songs, simply put, are enchantingly beautiful – anyone who’s heard Palindrome Hunches will know this and, without a doubt, the few times I’ve seen them so far, they make a superb fist of playing them live.

Live at Cargo, London

First off, a mention for Novella, second support act of the night and incumbents of those “ones to watch” lists that, importantly, happen to be right on this one. London-based all-girl three-piece (with added drummer for the night?), they make a great noise - it’s got elements of indie-drone, shoegaze and stoner-rock in its composition, but with a swagger not so readily associated with such influences and there’s something of a Velvet Underground like exoticism too in the ebb and swell of what they do.

Live at Brixton Academy, London

It's probably a safe assumption that during their recent short stay in the UK (five October dates culminating with tonight's show), the East Coast's Grizzly Bear, are unlikely to have taken their West Coast harmonising for a daytrip to see our own domestic coastlands hunkering down for their annual battering at the hands of the winter extremities as they start sweeping in around this time of year - unlikely to have visited some remote northern headland to watch as the ravages of the icy North Sea begin to take their  toll, or witness the Atlantic angrily take up it's chisel and mallet in it's

Live at Dingwalls, London

Convention and preconception could only ever be the product of the human mind, dour, dull and rational as they are. Logic too requires order to function, so when We Were Promised Jetpacks open to slow and steady builder 'Keeping warm', the song who's eventual crescendo effectively brings debut album These Four Walls to a close (save for 'An almighty thud') you'd be forgiven for being surprised.

Live at Bush Hall, London

Tonight, Sonic Cathedral, in their as always superbly selective way, elect to bring us former Slowdive and Mojave 3 man Neil Halstead (fresh from a dose of M25 traffic trouble in getting up from Cornwall, and powered by falafel) - performing, in its front-to-finish entirety, his third and latest solo album Palindrome Hunches, born to the world as it was, a little over a fortnight ago*.

Live at Hammersmith Apollo, London

Arriving on a stage that has perhaps singlehandedly kept the local branch of Interflora afloat for the next decade, and clad in mental institution chic, Faith No More started proceedings with a ferocious "Woodpecker From Mars".