Lifetime of Love

Release Date
Moon Diagrams is the recording project of Deerhunter co-founder and drummer Moses John Archuleta and Lifetime Of Love is his debut album, put together over a ten year period. It's been an eventful ten years in the real world and that really shows on this record which, in stylistic terms, has its ups and downs (mainly downs). The disorienting beauty of opening track "Playground", resplendent with distant choral tones and foreboding ambience is quite the introduction to the project. To be honest I could quite happily sit through a whole album of this, but Archuleta isn't in the mood to sit around, and after a crushingly quick 2 minutes and 26 seconds we're off to a different place entirely. On the self-titled "Moon Diagrams" we find Archuleta delving into more traditional song structures, albeit in a cool and glacial way. My initial thoughts were that whoever does the bookings for the Bang Bang Bar should give Moon Diagrams a slot, pronto. From here we get "Nightmoves", the first of three tracks which would probably best be classified as minimal techno. This, along with the much harder hitting (and a whole lot longer) "The Ghost And The Host" and the Kraftwerk-esque "Magic Killer" are the tracks that may most surprise some fans of Archuleta's previous work but the good news is he seems quite at home in his new electro shoes. Whereas most of this record is spaced out and weirdly relaxing, there are some monsters hiding in the closet, such as the aforementioned "The Ghost And The Host" which is hypnotic yet slightly chaotic and induces an air of mild panic to proceedings. But just when you think you've got Moon Diagrams sussed (he likes ambience and pumping repetitive electonica right?) he throws you yet another curve-ball with the ridiculous Chic-a-like "End of Heartache" which is definitely the breeziest tune that I've heard on a Sonic Cathedral release. That's apart from the lyrics which plead "I don't wanna be put in the ground, no, not me". Its a bizarre twist, a bit like Ike "The Spike" Stadtler attacking you from out of nowhere (I think I've been watching too much Twin Peaks), but it ends the record on an exhilarating unexpected high.