Released By The Movement

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Islet's Released By The Movement seems like their battle cry to staunch musical independence in the face of an uncaring industry. Released on their own label, Shape, the album starts with a gloriously confusing mix of rough and ready bossa nova intercut with sporadic distorted ramblings. Its male/female combo sounds like a duet between two beaten up old mixtapes. It shouldn’t really go together but it's helped along nicely by Stephen Black/Sweet Baboo's production which brings to mind those charmingly DIY early releases by SFA, Gorkys and the like. The record ventures into some sparsely menacing corners ("Carlos", "Tripping Through The Blue Room Part 2"), where echoey guitars, ghostly interludes and distant vocals seem to channel A Certain Ratio or Freaks era Pulp. "Elastic" probably sums the album up in a nutshell. Literally bouncing between gloomy verses and crashing choruses topped off with a woozy outro. The fuzzed out organ and walls of feedback transform the whole thing into an intriguing blast of weird pop. An acquired taste if ever there was one, the vocals seem blasé at times (to the point of half arsed) and the music drifts around in all manner of directions, never really settling into any sort of familiarity but I can say with certainty that you won't hear anything quite like this in 2013. A freaky portmanteau of an album.

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