Broken Record #18


Cardiff's sons and daughters Islet are just about ready to unleash their second album, Released By The Movement, on their own label, Shape. Its been produced by their friend Stephen Black (aka Sweet Baboo, who's also worked with other Crackle favourites Cate Le Bon and Slow Club) in practice spaces and bedrooms in Cardiff, without any outside tinkering. The results are delightfully chaotic, which you'll be able to hear for yourself when the record comes out on 7th October (review coming soon...). Until then though, take heed of bassist Alex Williams as he takes us through his Broken Records, which are as eclectic as you might imagine. Also check them out on tour and watch the video for "Tripping Through The Blue Room (Part II)" below.

Under-rated Record

The Microphones - The Glow Pt. 2

Okay, so the idea behind an under- rated record I suppose is when you think something is so good that every one on the planet might find something magical about it. This is definitely one of those albums. By far and away one of my favourite artifacts ever made - it's a whomping storm cloud of ideas and propositions that take form and swell into being. This record taught me so much about drum sounds and how they can be used in awesomely weird ways.
Joyful Record

La Quiete - La Fin Non e La Fin

I hope it not a crass point but some of the most joyful moments in my life have involved me screaming as loud as I can in the company of my good friends. This album represents to me all the joy that lives in loud expression , crashing drums pulsing between a wall of guitars and fuzzy bass. This record wakes me up to the real possibilities that live love within all of us.
Surprising Record

Vincent Gallo - When

I love a surprising voice, something that catches you off guard and makes you listen a little closer. This record always shocks me by being so beguilingly otherworldly and yet so definitively human. I hear the keyboards from this album when I sleep.
Record From My Youth

Tricky - Maxinquaye

I finished high school listening only to this record, I fell in love listening to this record, I have run through forests at midnight listening to this record. This is as important as the theory of colour to me, everything has a place where by the phase and shift can be heard. "let me take you down the corridors of my mind"

Something else...

Cate Le Bon
Mark Peters
Angel Bat Dawid
Du Blonde
John MOuse
Ivan The Tolerable and Friends
Little Simz
Ivan The Tolerable
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
Stealing Sheep
Field Music
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
BC Camplight
Jacques Brel