Broken Record #48

irma vep

You may have heard of Irma Vep (aka Edwin Stevens) because of his superb recent album No Handshake Blues. You may have heard of him because he gets played on BBC 6Music quite a lot (the ever-reliable Marc Riley is a big fan). You might have heard of him from one of his many other projects (Sex Hands, Klaus Kinski, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Yerba Mansa)...or from his regular "Very Bon" club nights in Manchester...or his tape label...or his collaborations with the equally workman-like Kiran Leonard. If you're not yet familiar with Irma Vep then have a little look at your life and then put it right (skip below for some links / tour dates / stream etc). For now though, have a read of this article where the man himself takes us through his record collection in the latest (number 48 no less) in our Broken Record Series.

Under-rated Record

Red Kites - Nawadaha

Brother/Sister duo from Cardigan. CD-R released on Jackie O Motherfucker's U-Sound label. Lovely screen printed package. Its not under-rated, everyone who has heard thinks it's great, I'm sure - it's just not a lot of people have heard it. Great blend of Sonny Sharrock style guitar mangling with VU song-drone genius. I bang on to anyone who will listen about this Album. Please get it if you can.
Record of Joy

Jandek - You Walk Alone

I know what you're thinking - "LOL! JANDEK! PAH! RECORD OF "JOYYYY" HAHAHAH! YOU'RE KIDDING ME!" Well, Scoffy-McScofferson, just listen to it. Sounds like he's having a great laugh with his buds in the studio. Full on woooooozy, wonderful, half-arsed songs of sincere joy and fun. 'Lavender' is like laying in a meadow in the cool breeze with a brew and boner. 
Record From My Youth

Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream

My Grandma bought me this when I was a pre-teen, I lay on the bed at my Aunties house with head phones on being all dramatic and rocking out and sobbing and loving it. I still love this record a lot a lot. Made some great friends in my youth bonding on this album.
Record From My Youth

Weezer - Blue Album

Gathered in a kitchen at a house party in Conwy, putting eggs in the microwave with my very best buds Dylan and Noah. Noah put this on and change my life forever. 
Driving Record

Television - Marquee Moon

I don't drive but have been driven around a lot. Had to ask my best bud Dylan about this as he's usually the one driving and I'm usually asleep. We have in no order: Television - Marquee Moon (standard), Gorkys Zygotic Mynci - Spanish Dance Troupe, Polvo - Todays Active Lifestyles  Honourable mentions: *Cass McCombs first EP for the late night drives, *The Coors - Live in Dublin for those long DSDV drives.
Greatest Hits record

Leonard Cohen - Greatest Hits

My first introduction to Big Len was the Greatest Hits CD my mum had. She had all the albums but I was cautious of the latter, deep sexy stuff like Dear Heather and The Future that felt weird at the time. I dipped my toe in the Greatest Hits to get the raaaaaaange of the earlier stuff and was sold. Great job. 
Live Record

James Brown - Live!

Not just the greatest live album of all time but one of the greatest albums of all time. This could also go under the 'Record of Joy' thing too. Best enjoyed cleaning, naked. (I really love The Birthday Party Live CD too)
Record I’m looking forward to

DUDS - New Record

The Duds boys are a great bunch, we share a practise room and they've been recording it there with our good pal Patrick Crane, who is theeeee best on the ol' reel to reel. Seen them play new stuff live and it is going to be wonderful!!! Like a more no wave Fire Engines/Contortions with added Trumpet in the mix!
Record I’m looking forward to

DBH - New Record

Dan Bridgwood Hill is my Mantra, they call him 'The Beast'. He can play anything he picks up; fiddle, piano, dogs etc. He's only ever made two solo guitar based LP's and seems to prefer making everyone else's stuff (including mine) sound 100 x better. He makes every place better just by being there even.  The Midnight Moonlighter. Rockin it all round the world everyday. Google him, you won't regret it.
Record I’m looking forward to

Girl Ray - Debut Record

I love Girl Ray and I'm sick of listening to the same three songs on soundcloud. Please make it quick! I need my hit! 

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