Pink Noise

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Pink Noise is apparently a setting on some old analogue synths which "sounds like the world is ending". Pink Noise is also the name of the debut album from Swedish shoegazers Echo Ladies.  It's a sub 30 minute, eight track blast of angst and brooding dark pop, fitting music for an era where it feels like the world could actually end at any second. That's not to say that this album is 100% doom and gloom, you could easily knock a few percentage points off that. This is an album which sweeps you up right from the off with the pulsating, energetic "Intro" (you don't see many albums with an "intro" track anymore do you?, it gave me a nostalgic buzz of excitement), which is swiftly followed by the more melancholic, glacial tones of "Almost Happy" and the early New-Order-alike "Apart". At this point, even just scanning through the song titles, it's clear that this isn't a party album, but occasionally, even on the numbers that sound like break-up tracks, you get some beautifully melodic, and ultimately uplifting sections. "Apart" in particular has a great chorus which sounds like it's come straight from an 80's teen flick. Then there's "Darklands" which opens like Donna Summer before morphining into something far more Wintery.  Most of the music on these tracks seems to be comprised of guitar, synth and drum machine, and the whole thing has a pleasing DIY feel,  longtime producer Joakim Lindberg has certainly done a good job of capturing that fledgling sound. It sounds new, exciting and fresh despite the obvious influences.  This is an assured and direct debut which sets out Echo Ladies' stall in a neat half hour package.

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