Hermits On Holiday

Release Date
The gist Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley team up for an exersize in unrestrained creativity The music Drinks is the new project from Cate Le Bon (of Cate Le Bon fame) and Tim Presley from White Fence. From the outset this debut album is decidedly and deliciously wonky. Its opener "Laying Down Rock" has a minimalist guitar hook which isn't particularly in time or tune with the track's main melody and vocal. You half expect things to sync up in a glorious finale, but they don't, it's just supposed to be like that. And that could be the story of Hermits On Holiday. It takes the weirdness from its creators' more familiar work - the spiky guitar lines from Cate Le Bon's last few records and the drugged up psychadelica from White Fence's 60's garage-pop offerings - and manages to become something more deranged...which, when you think about it, is quite a claim as neither of these two are slouches when it comes to creating oddball leftfield music. Yes, occasionally it gets a tad self-indulgent (the jam-along "She Walks So Fast", maybe should have stayed on the demo tape), but occasionally that self-indulgence leads to eureka moments like "Tim, Do I Like That Dog" which is just bizarre but gripping at the same time. Oddly, judging by its pedigree, Cate's voice seems to be the less used on this record, and when it is rolled out, it becomes a distorted or degraded version of its former self (see "Cannon Mouth"). All I'm saying is, don't come to Drinks expecting more of the same from either of these acts. It's a standalone record which will no doubt thrill some who were previously disinterested, and alienate some long-time fans. Come with an open mind and you'll be grand. "Drinks is a solo project, not a collaboration. It has one mouth, one set of lungs, one mind and four legs." a typically odd quote from the press release, but you can kind of see the point. Cate and Tim do seem to be kindred spirits, divided by geography, but connected by a love of strange music that still has beauty and rhythm in its pores. Listen to "Tim, Do I Like That Dog" - Cate goes on some sort of hallucinogenic trip, possibly having visions of a scary dog but Tim is eerily unresponsive for the most part. only chipping in some equally nonsensical backchat at the very end.