Kite Without a String

Release Date
The gist Fleeting but fruitful debut from SF musician Robert Prisco The music Beach Moon/Peach Moon...I think "Beach" has now taken over from "Deer" as the most common component of a modern-day obscure indie band name. But I digress. Beach Moon/Peach Moon started off as a solo project from San Francisco musician Robert Prisco, but it's now a full-on band, all working towards Prisco's dreamy, slightly trippy vision. It certainly seems like a sensible decision to expand this project, as the music is far too ambitious to be constrained by the realm of true DIY. Kite Without a String is an album that sits nicely somewhere between post-rock and lo-fi and it comes across like a like sleepy nightcap. Rarely does this music drift into anywhere near a high gear, the songs are sparse, and the instruments (guitar, twinkling percussion, xylophone etc) are introduced with care, so that the delicate balance of woozy ambience is not interrupted. It's perhaps the intricate and subtly erratic drumming that glues this record together though, it even takes a jazzy lead role on "Answer Tide". The results make for a thoroughly enjoyable record, but probably not one you'd want to roll out before a night out, or on a long solo car journey. Occasionally things go Slint-esque ("Kite Without a String"), or even a bit Bluegrass (see the ridiculous guitar interlude on "Answer Tide"), but they are always reeled back in so as not to upset the zen like balance of the record. If like me, you were sad to hear of the recent demise of Rock Action's similarly blissful Remember Remember then this might just be the band that you need to head towards. Listen to "Firefly Stars" - a slow builder, where Prisco's unusual delicate vocals restrain the anthemic beast that's trying to beat down the door.