Broken Record #36


Recently awarded "New Band of the Week" by The Guardian, Autobahn have just released their highly anticipated, and highly praised debut album Dissemble. That praise included a 10/10 review from John Robb on his Louder Than War site, whilst Drowned In Sound called it "Uncompromising from start to finish". The Leeds band have blatantly been taking cues from classic post punk and goth acts, but they also follow in the recent footsteps of bands like Interpol and The Horrors, who manage to present dark, dark themes in a way that's supremely dance-able. The band are hitting the road this month (tour dates below), so it would probably be wise to catch them whilst you can still see them in decent/"intimate" venues. Until then, take some tips from their frontman Craig Johnson, who guides us through his record collection in the latest of our Broken Record features.

Underrated Record

David Bowie - Low

Guess it's a classic now, but at the time it was received with mix reception. It's my favourite Bowie album, such a advanced sounding recording. I think about so much when listening to this album, it leans on lots of different emotions. Warszawa really gives me a feeling of deep loss but hope on each listen. The whole 'Berlin' collection is just perfect.
Record From My Youth

Oasis - Definitely Maybe

All of us would agree on this, a pure staple growing up, if you couldn’t play the riff for Supersonic you were a dick. Made each one of us pick up a guitar and inspired our generation. We still listen to this in the van, before bed and first thing every morning.
Record of Joy

M.I.A - Arular

This record fills my bones with joy, fills them to the brim. I love M.I.A., I've so much respect for her. She really started something new with this record, blew everyone out of the water. 10 Dollar, Amazon, Galang to name a few, absolute bangers.
Driving Record

Suicide - Suicide

Makes you want to drive really fast, at night, in the rain and never stop.