Broken Record #3

antlered man

We recently heard Antlered Man's excellent debut album Giftes 1&2 and it was a breath of fresh metal air. It was that good that we stuck the band on our front page. But that wasn't enough for us, we also want to know what sort of music would influence the band to make such a headfuck racket. Singer Damo Ezekiel Holmes spent some time taking us through his record collection, warts and all. Antlered Man's Giftes 1&2 is out now. Buy it and enrich your life. Also, check out their facebook page for all the latest news and tour dates -

Under-rated Album

Palehorse - Soft as Butter, Hard as Ice

Could think of about 20 albums to go into this category but I reckon it should go to Palehorse because they don't get enough recognition in the press for how good they are as a live band and how fucking awesome this album is.
Over-rated Album

The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead

I've tried to listen to it to see what all the fuss was about but it just wouldn't let me in. Maybe I'm just an uneducated caveman because bands I like don't have words like "theriomorphic" in the chorus. Plus it did spawn a lot of pretentious bands who get their "dark" shipped in.
Album Of Sin

Prince - Purple Rain

I love to listen to it on public transport so it quells the urge to kill everyone. The lyrics are ridiculous, the instruments sound like a Casio keyboard demo and the solo's are pure fret cheese. But I love him.Half of the band think he's a squealing fool so I'm alone on this choice.
Joyful Album

Queen - Greatest Hits

Technically a 'best of' collection rather than a studio album, but one of the best guilty pleasure assortment of songs ever. You try listening to "Don't stop me now" or "Fat bottomed girls" without getting as perky as a cold nipple.
Album From My Youth

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

I don't think a week went by when this wasn't playing in the house or car, its beauty is in its simplicity. "War Pigs" sounded like a monsoon of noise to my tiny ears. My father had such good records and he would pass down the knowledge, but he will never get me to love Jethro Tull.
Surprising Album

Mr Bungle - California

This is labelled as their most commercial album but it still surprises me with something else every time I listen to it, which is a lot.
Record That Reminds Me Of…a bad trip

Queens Of The Stone Age - Rated R

When this album came out it was such a gem in an ocean of cock-rock shit that was floating about at the time. It also contained the first ever song that sent me on a bad trip "I think I lost my headache." After listening to it on repeat on headphones it made everything go sideways; I ended up wandering through the streets being chased by a red orb until it all wore off, so that was an event I won't forget. What a tune.