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The gist Debut album from Toronto based C86 lovers The music Alvvays (with a couple of Vs, not a W) are led by Molly Rankin who has an uncomplicated approach to her songwriting and vocal style. These are songs about naivety, romance and youth, told through a filter of Teenage Fanclub. There aren't any startling departures, unexpected key changes or other distractions, there's just nine grainy pop songs. Unfortunately, this model, by its very nature does have a tendency to produce dull patches, like the dull by name, dull by nature "The Agency Group". On the whole though, it's a predictable but enjoyable debut, generously sprinkled with C-86 jangly fuzz. Listen to "Archie, Marry Me" - a no thrills vocal and a classic indie-rock melody. It's not earth shattering but it's a great, great tune. "Atop A Cake" - proving that Alvvays do it best when the do it fast, this brings the second half of the album out of a mini-slumber. "Red Planet" - proving that they can also do it slow. This is the closest the band come to changing their game, a synthy Sci-fi lulluby with a gorgeous final glittering refrain. Listen if... you like Veronica Falls, Teenage Fanclub, Fuzz-pop Don't listen if... you are a spelling nazi