The Twilight Sad Interview Pt2

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This is Part 2 of our Twilight Sad interview. Click here for Part 1

Tenuous link here but you played with Smashing Pumpkins ages ago, for some reason you’ve also been compared with U2 and you like comics so…would you ever do a batman theme song?

Aye 100% (laughs). We’d do a better one than U2 too. I think all of us would do it, there was a point where we were gonna do a soundtrack for some comic at one point but it kinda all fell through. To be honest not even just comics, we’re not snobby when it comes to putting our music to things, but that especially would be…(trails off) although, if it was a Batman one you’re pretty fucked because Hans Zimmer just absolutely nailed it, it’d be like “oh, fuck, we’ll have to go back and make "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me Part 2" or something like that. But aye, I might not do it for the Justice League film cause I’m not sure how that’ll turn out, but for enough money, aye.

What do you do when you’re not making music?

I think people know that I’m a comic fan, I’m a movie fan, i don’t care if I go to a shit movie cause I’ve got one of those Cineworld cards. So basically when I’m back home, if I’m not writing or drinking or playing football, I’m at the cinema seeing anything. Nah, we’re just boring bastards, and I’m not just saying that to keep the illusion up, cause there is no illusion. We play 5-a side, it’s quite a Glasgow indie 5-a side kind of thing, members of Frightened RabbitMogwai, Craig who runs Mogwai’s label Rock Action, Brendan (Smith) – who’s our new keyboard player – plays with Ian (Quimby) who used to play in Take A Worm For A Walk…it’s just the most incestual indie football game of all time. I play twice a week when we’re at home cause we destroy ourselves when we’re on tour with food and shite beer so we’ve got to get healthy some way.

A few of us Crackle writers were bang into metal when we were growing up so we kind of ask this question to everyone…were you ever into Metal as a teenager?

Andy was definitely into metal, he was really into Guns n’ Roses…extremely, to the point where he would only drink Jack Daniels cause Slash drank Jack Daniels. Andy more than me, I’m the pure whimsical Morrissey kinda guy. They wanted to be like Slayer and stuff like that…there’s two sides to the band – there’s the noisy “let’s make a load of noise” and then there’s me going “nah, let’s just write a song guys”. So I think we kind of meet in the middle. Sometimes you’ll see Johnny (Docherty, bassist) in the back of the van, with his headphones in just looking into the distance out the window and you think “ah, he’s listening to something nice and mellow”, but then you actually get closer to him and it’s just [impersonates speed metal riff] and I’m like “are ye alright?” and he goes “I’m just chilling out”…you wonder what he puts on to stress him out, it must be Simon & Garfunkel or something like that (laughs). I’m the other way round but his brain must be tuned that way.

What’s the most shameful album that you’ve got?

I’ve sold them all to music magpie (laughs). Erm…Be Here Now By Oasis. But if the rest of the band come in they’ll say “nah, I love that album!”. Andy and Devine (Mark, drummer) had a Be Here Now party in their hotel room one night and they invited all of us, and none of us turned up. But that was inherited from my sister to be honest, but yeah, I’d say Be Here Now is probably the one. I like Oasis, don’t get me wrong, it’d be hard to deny that they wrote some great songs back in the day…but not the coke album.

Anything else in the pipeline for The Twilight Sad?

Well apart from the remix album, we’re pretty much touring until the end of the year. December 15th is our big last show of the year, it’s the biggest show we’ve ever played, up in Glasgow. It’s a big thing for us playing the Barrowland ballroom, it’s like an iconic venue, and the venue we used to go to to see our favourite bands. The last time we played Glasgow we played the ABC which is like 1300 people, we did quadraphonic sound too which was a bit mental. We knew it was maybe a bit of a risk, going up again (Barrowland holds 2100), but we just thought “you know, the only other venue we could play is the ABC and we’ve done that…it’s a risk but let’s try it”. So we’ll give it a go, and I think it’s selling pretty well, it’s near Christmas as well so I think it’ll be fine. Me and Andy have wrote a lot over the summer too, so I think we’ll have an album out next year and I think we know where we’re going with it already. If we doing anything, touring wise, in the first half of next year it won’t be hefty. We’ll just finish writing and hopefully get it recorded in the first half of the year…so fingers crossed. And then after that…(laughing) get real jobs!

No One Can Ever Know - The Remixes is out on 26th November and can be pre-ordered here. The band play Glasgow Barrowland on December 15th, tickets here.

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