Thing of the Day #5

Taking Us Back


Benefits is a new band formed by Kingsley Chapman, ex of The Chapman Family and more recently Kingsley Chapman and the Murder. Chapman's music has always had a clear political slant, but in The Chapman Family and The Murder, it was at least shrouded in some sort of nuance or arty pomp. This new track - the first glimpse we've had of Benefits - is more akin to Sleaford Mods' no nonsense, cut-to-the-chase rage, with a sharp tongued vocal style that's almost completely unrecognisable to anything that he's put out before (apart from the fact that it's Teesside through and through). Yes this is an angrier, more overtly confrontational Chapman, and in today's world of impeachments and flag shaggers that's exactly how it should be. It also helps that it's thoroughly catchy too. An angry earworm.

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