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Release Date
16 Aug 19

A new album from Frog is always something to celebrate, but this latest effort sees the band in a time of flux. The flux being the loss of a member. And when your band only has two members to begin with that's a pretty big deal. So whilst Tom White departed the combo and moved to the UK, Danny Bateman was left in the US without a drummer or a job. A 1979 MX5050 tape machine seemed to be the answer to this predicament, which Bateman used to piece together this "solo" record (but one which is still under the Frog banner).


Audio Antihero
Tape Wormies
Imperial Teen
Ivan The Tolerable & The Elastic Band
Stolen Body
Sonic Cathedral

Lucky Dip

British Sea Power
Rough Trade
Bitchin Bajas
Drag City
Ty Segall Band
In The Red