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The gist Euan Hinshelwood and cohorts take another change of course on their second LP The music Younghusband are back with their second album, and it comes with a change in label and direction. Dissolver, which is being released by ATP Recordings, is certainly more immediate than the band's debut Dromes (which was put out by that great breeding ground Sonic Cathedral). It's also a much cleaner, crisper sound, helped along by Robert Hampson from LOOP who has been drafted in on production duties. The fact that Dromes was also a departure from Younghusband's early output (and indeed their cathartic live performances), perhaps suggests that band leader Euan Hinshelwood is not one for treading a well beaten path. This album includes crunching riffs which occasional border on "lad-rock", but that is usually offset by some tasteful strings (as on the magnificent "Dissolver") or some soaring lead guitar (as on "Waverley Street" which reeks of Robert Fripp's contribution to Bowie's "Heroes"). In fact, the most obvious genre to pin to the Younghusband of 2015 is probably Power Pop. The vocals are pitch prefect and overdubbed to find a woozy summertime vibe which is so easy to like. But this is also a laid back affair, with the band rarely breaking out of a bracing trot. The album ends with its title track, perfectly capturing a band at a specific moment in time, perhaps before dissolving itself, hopefully to regenerate yet again in a couple of years as something completely new. Listen to "Dissolver" - Dirty Three/Bad Seeds legend Warren Ellis provides the strings which lift this song to such a brilliant high, and with it, Younghusband have saved their best til last.

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