Broken Record #38

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Suzy Creamcheese

Younghusband are about to return with their second album Dissolver. Now fully cemented as a full on proper band (rather than front-man Euan Hinshelwood's solo project), Younghusband seems to have been constantly re-inventing itself over its short lifespan. Currently comprising Euan Hinshelwood, Joe Chilton, Adam Beach and Pete Baker, they've recently moved from great label Sonic Cathedral, to great label ATP Recordings for this latest LP which is a killer blast of refined Power Pop. Here the band speak to Crackle about their record collections for the latest in our Broken Record series.

Record From My Youth (Euan Hinshelwood)

Tim Buckley - Goodbye and Hello

I bought this record when i was 15, the day after school broke for Summer. On the same day i bought a shit sofa from Oxfam for £5. It smelled like piss and vomit and just about squeezed it in front of my bedroom stereo, but I sat on it and listened to Happy Sad everyday from start to finish. That record really influenced my songwriting. I absolutely loved it, and still do.
Underrated Record (Joe Chilton)

The Necessaries - Event Horizon

This album is early proof that pop music can be minimal and weird. I first listened to it on the bus to rehearsal, last summer. By the time I got to rehearsal I had a new favourite band. Made up by members of The Modern Lovers and Arthur Russell it's not really a surprise.
Driving Record (Euan Hinshelwood)

Selda - Selda

We discovered this last year, just at the right time. Finders Keepers had reissued it a while before but I got it the day before we set off to Europe, driving through France and Spain for shows and it never failed to perk everyone up. Its always a contender in the van when people feel horrible and want to hurl themselves onto the motorway. The synths are wonky and not quite in tune with Baglama, Selda voice’s will cut through the shittiest of stereos and the drums are a driver's dream.

Something else...

Opposite Number
ATP Recordings
Sonic Cathedral