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The gist Newly singed to ATP Recordings, Vision Fortune are back with their second album. Unrecognisable from the first. The music Opening with an eerie faux-drum beat that sounds like machine gun fire, you could argue that the whole ethos of Country Music (the album, not the genre) is laid bare. This is an LP that sometimes verges on Tim Hecker levels of ambiguity, a far cry from those guitar driven early releases, and a sure sign that Vision Fortune aren't ones for sitting still. You'll be pushed to find any trace of a "real" instrument here, with the band instead focusing on recording their natural surroundings, adding in a few clicks, bangs and crashes for good measure. Country Music was apparently recorded "during an intense two-month research residency, generously funded by the Cuatroquesos Foundation, in the idyllic yet remote region of Tuscany". I haven't looked up the "Cuatroquesos Foundation" because it sounds like some shady organisation from The Twilight Zone and I kind of like it that way. By all accounts this record is a by-product of the beauty/constraints of that remote environment. Its an electronic record in almost every sense, but it's also a noticeably organic sounding record, and one which adds new layers with each listen. However, if you're like me then your enjoyment of this album may well depend on the mood you're in. On one listen (maybe the 3rd or 4th) I honestly thought it was the best, most original piece of music i'd heard in years. On others, the stark nature of it left me feeling a bit cold. Maybe it's the sheer lack of any sort of traditional melody, or the creepiness of the field recordings (sometimes working out what you're listening to can drive you a little bit insane). The trick is to just go with it, you'll most probably be rewarded by its sheer unbridled creativity. Country Music is a bold move and one which positions the duo as a truly innovative force of nature. Listen to "Ties and Bound" - abstract percussion, throbbing bass and random interference, finished off with a simple but staggeringly effective minimalist pulsing outro that could go on and on, but cuts off suddenly. Ingenious. "Sandrino" - one of the few tracks that really evokes the beauty of the recording location. This track even utilises some traditional organ sounds for what it probably the album's most instantly accessible piece.

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