Waiting For Something To Happen

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Waiting for Something to Happen is the sophomore album from London based outfit Veronica Falls.  This foursome have a knack for concocting catchy pop tunes, but they never stray far away from their C86 based version of jangle pop.  For the most part, they tread down the same path as their self titled debut album, instead of choosing to expand on their sound. Lead vocalist Roxanne Clifford has a light, sweet sounding voice that you may find yourself easily humming along to.  She doesn’t display a lot of range in her vocals, but for Veronica Falls style, that isn’t a necessity.  The production value is cleaner on Waiting for Something to Happen compared to their debut.  The guitars shine and shimmer a little bit more, and there is an overall refinement to their sound.  What it lacks though, are any standout tracks like “Found Love in a Graveyard” and “Beachy Head” (two of the tracks on their eponymous debut).  I was hoping that at least one of the 13 tracks would be an eye opener or give me instant gratification, but that wasn’t the case.  If this album is your first experience listening to Veronica Falls, you’re probably going to like it.  It’s easy to listen to and can be slightly infectious at times.  I just wish they would have shown a little more progression from their first album.  Their Slumberland label mates, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, did have that natural progression, and did display more creativity on their second album.  So for me, unfortunately, Waiting for Something to Happen was aptly titled.  After repeat listens, that moment or that something, never happened for me.

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