Broken Record #50

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Jeni Magana

Vessels are a three piece from Brooklyn who are about to release a new EP called Halogen Days, their first material since 2015's festive Here We Come a Vassaling EP. It's a punchy 4-pack of tracks that shifts between high octane rock'n roll and psychedelic pop. It's also a good appetiser for the full length LP which is "on the horizon". Here, Vessels' drummer Jon Smith talks us through some of his record collection in #50 of our Broken Record series. PS - He's proven himself to be an all-round cool dude by correctly identifying Cake's Fashion Nugget as the best driving record.

Under-rated Album

Here We Go Magic - A Different Ship

I’m not even sure this record is underrated, I just don’t think enough people have heard it. I feel like I’m always introducing people to this band and it’s always well received. Wonderful arrangements / playing / songwriting and the production is beautiful too. Just great all around, go listen to it.
Work Out Record

Pile - You’re Better Than This

Ok this is way more than a workout record but I often find myself putting it on while I work out or do chores around the house and I really wanted an excuse to put this one on the list. This band has carved out a sound for themselves that is a somewhat passing of the torch from The Pixies for Boston indie rock and is straight up my alley. Anyone who’s a fan of “guitar music” should give it a listen. They’re aggressive, super dynamic and incredible live to boot.
Record of Joy

Harry Nilsson - The Point

Almost ten years ago a nice older lady gave a burned copy of this CD to Shay, and it lived in the 5 CD changer in our kitchen for more than a year. Though we didn't totally understand the genesis of the album at the time, it always radiated happiness. Yesterday I introduced a good friend to the record on a longer-than-expected car ride. It holds up in a big way.
Live Record

Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys

This is one of those records that my dad would always play when I was a kid and I don’t think it really clicked for me until high school. It was recorded over 2 nights (New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day ‘69/’70) at the Fillmore East and was more or less the official introduction to Hendrix’s new lineup. The rhythm section is dynamic and ferocious while maintaining a deep, heavy groove topped by Hendrix’s unmistakable improvisational musings. It quickly became something I would just play along to in my parents garage and still is something I toss on from time to time in the practice studio.
Driving Record

Cake - Fashion Nugget

Its punk rock without the volume, romance with dissonance, and unmistakably its own. I love all the ratty tones, steady grooves, and creative songwriting. It's entertaining, unpretentious, and has a strong sense of self.

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