Floating Coffin

Release Date
I’m a bit of a funny bugger when it comes to music. I say I don’t like things that I’ve never heard, just to be awkward and I generally think that bands begin to deteriorate from the moment they release their debut album. As it happens, this opinion rarely lets me down but Thee Oh Sees break the mould. I’m not a massive fan of anything they did pre Help, but since that album came out every release has been better than the one before. Baffling. It’s not supposed to work like this is it? Imagine, a band that gets better as it gets older? Anyway, Floating Coffin is their 4th LP in three years and it’s a masterpiece. Although it doesn’t break any new ground, it takes what Thee Oh Sees do best and does it better than they’ve ever done it before - repetitive, loud and heavily krautrock-influenced – it ticks all the boxes for me. It’s unrelenting from the first note of "It came from the mountain" to the final chord of "Minotaur" (which is a contender for best song of 2013, thus far). There is not a weak link among its 10 tracks. Thee Oh Sees will always be a band that is best heard live but this album, for me, is the closest they’ve come to matching it. In short, you need to buy it. It’s magnificent.