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The Wave Pictures
October 12, 2015
Peter Rokeby

Much like previous inductee Darren Hayman, the Wave Pictures seem to put everything they release on bandcamp for all to hear. This includes all of their official albums (from 2008's Instant Coffee Baby to 2015's rough and ready Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon), a good selection of recent b-sides, a covers album and a whole load of pre-Moshi Moshi recordings. The only red herring is the promise of the excellent Susan Rode The Cyclone LP, which was a German-only release from 2010 containing the magnificent "Sweetheart". The album appears to be included in their bandcamp catalogue but, alas, the LP is sold out and the stream is nowhere to be found. There's plenty of other nuggets to be found though, disregarding their quality full LPs, many of which we've already gushed over, here are a few of the highlights.

Jonny "Huddersfield" Helm Sings
Contains the undisputed king of any Wave Pictures show - "Sleepy Eye". "Now You Are Pregnant" is no slouch either.

Dan Of Green Gables
Originally released as a CD-R back in 2008, this collection includes rough cuts of two songs which would eventually get a higher profile airing. "Walk The Backstairs Quiet", appeared on 2011's Beer In The Breakers (a high point of that record) and "I Saw Your Hair Between The Trees" is, in my opinion, one of the best songs that David Tattersall has ever penned. It featured on Tattersall's debut solo album Happy For A While, in a much cleaner cut, sung beautifully by Freschard.

Further Listening
For anyone who wants even more Wave Pictures related treasure you can head over to WIAIWYA for some solo Tattersall related gems.