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The gist American duo of phsych/space rock enthusiasts unleash their debut album on Sonic Cathedral The music The Vacant Lots certainly wear their influences loud and proud, and for their first album they've roped in (along with Sonic Cathedral cohort Dean Wareham) Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3 as producer. He's a man who's well suited to the job as The Vacant Lots are certainly from that same school of pulsing, mesmeric, one note song structures. Most of Departure is Route-1 psychedelic Rock n Roll, rarely taking its foot off the gas/overdrive, but its best moments come when the band move away from traditional song structure into more confrontational areas, almost asking the audience "how much more of this can you take?", a mantra which is taken to its zenith on the album's penultimate track, the elongated freak-out "Make The Connection". I'm not sure if or when this burgeoning psych scene will burst it's bubble but on the strength of this (and a load of other Sonic Cathedral releases) it seems to be in fine fettle. Listen to "Paint This City" - one of the rare moments where the band ease up. 80s cinematic synthesisers take the lead on a brooding, romantic mid-album interlude. "Make The Connection" - a drawn out spoken word piece set to a relentless, repetitive garage thump. Listen if... you like Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, XTRMNTR, The Velvet Underground, The Warlocks. Don't listen if... you dislike one or all of: feedback, distortion, druggy repetitive beats.

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