Hung At Heart

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The Growlers probably aren’t aware of their cross-culturally unfortunate choice of name, or at least weren’t when they chose it. They are however almost certainly aware of the music they make, and how to make it, such is the studied, measured, all-too retro sound they conjure. Equal parts skiffle, equal parts pscyhedelia, with counterculture influenced lyrics, spring-reverb-heavy jangly guitars, drums which rarely deviate from Moe Tucker style time-keeping patterns, and a low-in-the-mix highly nasal vocal, it’s all frankly too backward looking, which makes track title “Living in a memory” unwittingly too close to the mark really. It’s a difficult listen in all honesty – even fifty years ago it would’ve lacked any real edge – and that, coupled with its pedestrian, meandering, aimlessness simply results in an album that would seem to be purely for the revivalists among us alone, or people desperate to be annoyed or bored. Hats off to anyone who can make it through all 15 tracks. One to miss.