Sub-Lingual Tablet

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The Gist It’s that man again. The Music Sub-Lingual Tablet, The Fall's 476th Album if you take into account the myriad of live and compilations issued over the years (it's officially their 31st studio offering) is, like most Fall albums, full of great moments. The expected Garage Rock/Krautrock/Rockabilly music accompaniment (courtesy of one of the most stable Fall-line up in years) compliments such ruminations as "Quit iPhone", "Facebook Troll", the amusing "Stout Man" wherein our author proclaims he is a "Big fat man pushing a little pram" and "Dedication Not Medication" which bizarrely accuses "Pierce Brosnan” of “prescribing bedwetting pills". The wonderful and frightening world of The Fall indeed. Smith may protest when people look back to the band's illustrious past but as the oft quoted John Peel states, the band were/are "always different, always the same". The album may speak of iphones and Facebook but the one irremovable force is Mark E himself, a man who seems to have been stuck aspic since he first appeared 30 plus years ago as a fully formed personality. Essentially The Fall are a genre all in themselves and Sub-Lingual Tablet is a welcome addition to the oeuvre. Of course, like Smith himself, the album can be frustrating and testing, the 10 minutes of "Auto Chip 14-15" being a case in point. However, despite this the album remains a pleasing pill to swallow. Listen to "Stout Man" - "Big man pushing a little pram" Say no more. "Quit iPhone" - Unsurprisingly Mark E Smith is not a fan of Apple.