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On Naomi, The Cave Singers fourth full length LP, the Seattle quartet play it safe and never stretch their boundaries beyond the indie-folk sound that we are accustomed to. They've brought in producer Phil Ek to give them a crisper and cleaner sound, which helps in some aspects, but doesn't make up for the lack of variety and creativity.   The Cave Singers seem to have a little more focus here than on their darker, previous effort, No Witch. I do like that aspect of the album, and that they seemed to have a little more fun making this LP. But other than the track “It’s a Crime”, which provides a more rocking, grittier side to the band that the rest of the album sorely misses, there isn’t much else on Naomi that stands out or is very memorable.  There are some tracks that are too repetitive (see “Evergreens”), and some tracks that drug out a little too long (see “Northern Lights”). This isn’t a bad album by any means, it is just one that has absolutely no wow factor. There is nothing out of the ordinary or unique on Naomi that would set it apart from hundreds of other indie-folk albums that have been put out over the past five years. That is disappointing, because I think The Cave Singers have potential, but have yet to tap into it.