Broken Record #42


Fresh from an acclaimed debut album, and currently in the midst of a barnstorming UK tour (the one that we reviewed was officially brilliant), Telegram seem set for great things. Their music is a heady mix of glam and off kilter indie-rock which manages to be both familiar and strangely unique. Here, band members Pip and Jordan speak to us about their record collections for the latest in our Broken Record series.

Underrated record (Jordan)

Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse

This LP is the perfect prolonged tease. I was first drawn to it by the artwork depicting one of the enigmatic Richard Prince paintings of the same name from his 'Nurse' series . The record's moments of true release take persistence to reach, but are all the more satisfying and rewarding when they break through, growing with each listen as you anticipate their arrival. So quietly confident and self assured.
Record from my youth (Jordan)

Ramones - It's Alive

This was always on heavy rotation in my family home from as early as I can remember. It's the Ramones doing what they always did best - playing live. The way they transition seamlessly between songs blows me away and I still get the same sense of excitement when I listen to it today as I did when I was two years old. I've always loved the sound of the audiences on live LP's and this is a great example of that. Raw, raucous and utterly immersive.
Overrated record (Pip)

The Cure - Disintegration

We love the Cure, however this gets too much attention, especially in comparison to the early records (Pornography, Faith and Seventeen Seconds). Not even a fan of the of the singles off it. Rubbish.
Record of sin (Pip)

ABBA - The Visitors

Don't think there's any guilt in pleasure but the one people tend to initially laugh at is ABBA. It's their final record, the music in places is very obtuse, melancholic and dramatic. Paget, Saunders and myself think this is easily their best record.
Record of sadness (Pip)

Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna You Are The Destroyer

This is actually a really upbeat and joyous record in so many ways, essentially it's about growth and transformation but there's so much sadness along the way, Kevin Barnes (songwriter) essentially crawling through shit like that bit in Shawshank Redemption to get to freedom, in this instance becoming the alter ego "Georgie Fruit". Many of the lyrics are about depression, eg "I am satisfied/ hiding in my friend's apartment/ only leaving once a day/to buy some groceries". It works very well as a break up record, particularly the song "She's a Rejector".

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