Virtue Signals

Release Date
After a recent stint working as a solo artist, Steven Adams (ex Broken Family Band, Singing Adams) has put together a brand new band and given them the creative freedom build their own sound. The results are a new LP called Virtue Signals which was recorded in little over a week and produced by Ben Nicholls who also brought his own ideas to the table. I listened to this album during the recent UK, uncharacteristic bout of hot, hot weather, and it's perfectly suited to such environments. This is straight up summertime indie-pop, and pretty relentlessly so, only occasionally detouring into something more downbeat such as the wistful "Last Century's Man". During "Ex Future" I found myself torn between thinking "this is good" and "this sounds a bit like Snow Patrol", which is a quandary if ever there was one. It should be noted that whilst the music can drift over you, the lyrics are a different kettle of fish and Adams does that classic happy music/biting lyrics things very well. The feel is very much Allo Darlin, Bill Botting and the Two Drink Minimums, Shack, Deacon Blue and even a bit of Teleman during those darker moments. In other words, it's pretty good.