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The gist Twig welcomes us back to his weird and wonderful world The music Slim Twig's last album A Hound at The Hem was a bizarre concept album of operatic rock compositions, not too dissimilar to a Scott Walker record, but also mixing a myriad of other influences. That album was actually recorded way back in 2010 but not released by DFA until late last year. Now Slim is back with a brand new record which similarly mashes up the genres, but its done in a very different way. Some people, coming into the world of Twig would find his slightly brash, avant garde exterior almost impenetrable, but those who do manage to claw their way through the madness will find that these are actually ultra accessible songs, built around classic and well honed genre staples. There's glam ("Woman's Touch (It's No Coincidence)"), 60's psychedelica ("Stone Rollin (Musical Emotion)"), hard rock ("Cannabis") and even funk ("Fog of Sex (N.S.I.S.)"). Then there's the weird little soundscapes that eschew all of these influences in favour of something far more unique. You get the feeling that these industrial, proggy interludes are where Slim really likes to stretch his song-writing muscles and push the boundaries of his psyche and his listeners' open mindedness. I think that Slim Twig is a unique talent, albeit one that's stolen the souls of many who came before him, and like I said in my review of A Hound at The Hem, he's an artist that's never, ever boring. If you liked that album then there's no question, you should buy this album. If you didn't like it, then you should buy this anyway, cause its better. Listen to "Cannabis" - Slim rocks out like we've never heard him rock out before on this astonishing album closer. And just when you think it's all over, in true rock style, there's a drum solo and the song kicks back into life for a final blast of fuzzy bass, sax and ridiculous dual guitar solos.

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